Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Dad Vinnie

Usually when I create recipes I pull from my memories growing up or from a recent restaurant dish I adore.  For this burger I called my Dad in South Florida (aka Southern New York) to see what proteins I should combine for a new burger I was creating; Veal and Sausage or Veal and beef or Sausage and Beef;  decisions I just couldn't make.  I began, "Hey Dad,  I am making an Italian Burger for my show and I need your help."  From there it went like this  "There is no such thing, C, you mean you are making a F$%#ing Meatball!"  Gotta love my Dad and his honesty.  However, he came around to the idea and told me I had to use a veal/sausage mixture, Provolone for melting and Garlic Bread Buns (let me tell you, these buns are ridiculously good) told me to "be careful" and call him again tomorrow.

Print the recipe, heat your grill, put on some Sinatra, start chopping your garlic and parsley, invite over your friends, open a bottle of Chianti and be careful...not really sure why, but that is what Vinnie would tell you!  Mangia, Mangia!

Garlic Bread Italian Burger

1 lb ground veal
1 lb ground sweet Italian sausage

1 cup Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
Handful fresh flat leaf parsley
1 egg
2 T olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Mix all ingredients together and form into 6-8 patties. 
Grill until the internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Top cooked burger with Sliced Provolone from the deli department, should only take a minute or two to melt.

2 T prepared pesto (store bought or homemade)
3 T mayo
Mix together to serve as condiment on burger.

Good hamburger buns
Brush with 4 T melted butter, 
1 clove chopped garlic and 
2T chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
Broil in oven until golden or toast on grill

Assemble and enjoy! 

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