Sunday, August 17, 2014

My ode to corn and salsa.....

Buckets of White and Sweet Yellow Corn
Bought off the truck with the broken horn
Pick some tomatoes fresh off the vine
Margaritas on ice with hand squeezed lime
Pair with fish tacos or just a good 'ol chip
Grilled Corn Salsa is the ultimate summertime dip

This Grilled Corn Salsa is literally the most delicious things I make all summer.  It tastes like a garden and pairs with just about anything from Fish Tacos to grilled chicken to a good ol' blue corn tortilla chip.

I beg you to make this before the corn in husks is replaced by pumpkins and acorn squash...mostly because I don't have a fall poem yet.

Here you go...if you cook often you can follow the pics and short instructions 
For a more detailed recipe, click below

First...grill your corn in the husk 
(you can also cook in husks in the oven, or peel and boil)
 Peel back the husks when done...hopefully a few kernels
will have some grill marks on them
 Cut the corn off the cob, try to keep some intact in big chunks
 Add 1-2 cups halved cherry tomatoes (red or orange), half a chopped red onion,
a huge handful of chopped cilantro, the juice from a lime, salt, pepper
and about 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil. 
I mix everything in a bowl and store in several mason looks fancy that way.  
It is always better then 2nd day!  
Not much left the 3rd day if you made it correctly!